Trattore Farms & Winery

Scaled on-site reservations with social media ads and SMS conversion funnel.

5.8x ROAS

30+ reservations per month

$17.19 Customer Acquistion Cost

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Trattore Farms faced the challenge of increasing foot traffic and reservations in their tasting room, while also needing to completely rebuild their leads and mailing list, which had become stale. Prior to this, they had not utilized Facebook (Meta) ads or nurturing campaigns and mainly relied on word-of-mouth, their existing mailing list, and referrals from hotels and drivers.

The primary goal was to demonstrate viable unit economics, enabling Trattore Farms to acquire customers and convert them into long-term fans. The campaign was remarkably successful, adding over 500 new leads and 60+ new customers in less than two months and beginning the process of refreshing their stale list.

Results & Solution:
We launched a marketing campaign targeting locals and frequent travelers in the vicinity. The strategy included a Facebook (Meta) ad campaign featuring a "2 for 1" offer, which achieved industry-leading metrics such as a $1.94 cost per lead and a 15% conversion rate, with a customer acquisition cost (CAC) of $17.19 and 5.8X ROAS—significantly below the industry average. Leads were gathered from Facebook & Instagram, followed up with SMS and email campaigns to encourage them to visit the winery to redeem the offer.

This approach mirrors strategies used by major brands like Shake Shack, Starbucks, and McDonald's to attract new customers. By capturing their attention and information, we could target them with further campaigns and establish direct communication. Additionally, email marketing was utilized to nurture these leads, helping them learn more about the brand story and prodcuts.

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