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From increasing tasting room reservations, to growing club memberships, we've helped a wide range of wineries find more customers using paid-ads on Google, Facebook & Instagram

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Trusted by top-class wineries


We create a digital experience that helps you acquire more customers, improve conversion rates, reduce acquisition costs, and increase ROI.

Meta & Google Ads

Tailored landing pages

SMS & email campaigns

UGC content

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Initial Call, Audit & Onboarding
Market Research & Strategic Set Up
Full Funnel Launch, Optimize and Scale

Our simple & streamlined process

Custom-tailored strategy for each client.

We're on a mission to deliver the most exceptional wine, tailored to your taste, at a reasonable price. 

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Trattore Farms & Winery

Scaled on-site reservations with social media ads and SMS conversion funnel.

4.2x ROAS

30+ reservations per month

$1.79 Cost per Lead

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Why work with us?


We utilize in-house data models to guide our creative strategies, creating content that captures attention and drives conversions. Each piece of content is engineered to create a powerful story that engages and monetizes customer's attention.


We don't create generic campaigns t that don't do anything. Our strategies are engineered to drive a tangible ROl and sustainable growth.


Full funnel
We don’t just do media buying - We give your entire funnel’s CVR a facelift. By creating custom funnels, creatives and landing pages that match the messaging of your advertising campaigns, we take the customer journey to different levels of awareness and intent, resulting in a substantial increase in revenue.


In-house team
We never pass off your account to subpar overseas talent, we have a full, small & in-house team of experts, and our boutique firm only takes on a few clients at a time for maximum-impact results.
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Brands that don't leverage social media, fall behind.

Consumer behavior has changed. If you're still hoping hotels, drivers & word of mouth will bring more revenue, you’re going to fall behind.

We leverage social media and story driven content to help you reach, connect and convert your next loyal fans.
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How are you different than other agencies?

Unlike most other creative agencies, we have an entirely in-house team of creative experts. We don’t work with virtual assistants or hand off work. This allows us to deliver a tailored creative process that results in ad creatives & funnels that convert while being fully in control.

Our team built and scaled products across different industries, from fintech to e-commerce - you will have a world-class team at your disposal. We got burned by countless agencies so we decided to build our own.

What's your pricing?

We have varying package sizes tailored to each brand needs and marketing budget.

Do you also run ads?

Yes, our team has experience advertising on Meta (FB & IG) and TikTok.

Which niches do you mostly focus on?

We mostly focus on wineries but we’re niche agnostic. We’re experienced in creating powerful digital stories that lower acquisition costs for some of the world’s leading brands.

Turn your unique
story into sales

Accelerate your winery's growth from tasting room visits to DTC sales, leveraging video content by renowned sommeliers and targeted social media campaigns.
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We create winning creator generated content that drives conversions, awareness, and revenue for your winery. We manage the entire process and deliver guaranteed results.
See how we do it

Challening the status quo.

The future growth will be dependent on meaningful actions within the wine industry to attract younger consumers, who are increasingly choosing spirits, beer, alternative beverages, over wine.

Millennials Disengaging

Millennial Market Stagnation

A crucial consumer base moves away from traditional wine engagement.

Market shrinking

Older consumers 60+ remain the primary wine buyers, while younger generations favor alternative beverages.


Decade-end forecasts spell a decline if current trends persist.

Some of our current clients

Brooks Winery
Willamette Valley, Oregon
Hope Family Wines
Paso Robles, California
Bell Wine Cellars
Napa Valley, California
Zaca Mesa Winery
Santa Barbara County, California

Why Winecork?

Video Content
We create content that captivates, educates, and converts to elevate your brand and drive market awareness.
Sommelier collaboration
Leverage our sommelier network for deeper customer connections and solidify your brand's reputation
Social Media
Launch strategic campaigns that connect with audiences, driving visibility and converting interest to sales.

That's why we built Winecork

Winecork is your digital partner. We deploy  innovative growth marketing tactics to maximize your company’s revenue. Developed for longevity and sustainability, we customize strategies to your unique goals.

Brand Strategy

Developing brand stories that resonate in today's marketplace, positioning your wine label for success in a competitive industry.

Paid Media

Crafting targeted campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google to maximize your brand's visibility and consumer engagement.

Video Production

Creating visually stunning video content that tells the unique story of your brand and connects with audiences on an emotional level.

Grow and  scale your DTC

Building robust direct-to-consumer channels that drive sales, enhance customer loyalty, and provide valuable insights into consumer behavior

Data-Driven Insights

Employing advanced analytics to inform strategy, refine targeting, and drive innovation in product offerings and marketing tactics.

Design and content

Designing engaging digital experiences and creating content that elevates your brand, engages your audience, and drives conversion.

How it works


Begin with a free strategy session to align with your vision


Get paired with a sommelier to design and plan your brand's story


After our consultation, we'll proceed with crafting, editing, finalizing your content and ready to launch in just a few weeks


That's all! You're set to take your brand to the next level. Host with the Winecork App and watch your brand's growth.

Shaping the future of your brand, together

Our expertise in digital marketing and sales becomes a part of your arsenal, working in tandem with your in-house experts to drive down acquisition costs, maximize ROAS, better customer experience, and increase user lifetime value.

Get access to world-class sommeliers and influencers

Tap into our network of sommeliers and influencers to elevate your brand's presence. Connect with consumers, both online and offline, and expanding your reach through strategic partnerships and curated experiences.

Stop overpaying

Save thousands on expensive agencies or do it yourself.  No more paying for 5+ different services.


$189 / month

Billed annually
High-quality video content tailored for you
Four Sommelier 1-on-1 tasting video
8% revenue share
Advanced analytics
Full-platform access
Featured on social media
Quarterly branding sessions
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Hosting on Winecork, post your product on our app, engage with your audience, reach new markets.

10% revenue-share

$29.99 / month
Billed annually

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Brands that don't leverage video content fall behind.

Boring classic marketing tactics don't work anymore. Why? Because consumer behavior has changed. The average online attention span is now under 3 seconds.

Each piece of content we create is engineered to capture, retain, and monetize the consumer's attention.

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Partner with world-class sommeliers and influencers

Turn your unique story into revenue

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