A new, modern approach to build your brand, reach modern consumers and drive DTC sales.

Grow and scale your brand on autopilot

Create immersive experiences that captivate, convert, and cultivate long-term customer relationships.

All-in-one place to build your brand, boost awareness, engage with your audience, and drive sales.

Smart Marketing

Embrace the latest digital strategies, drive sales without draining your resources.

Full control

Your wine, your story. Maintain complete control over how your brand is represented.

Video Production

Bring your story to life with high-quality video content,  making your brand stand out in a crowded market.

Grow your DTC sales

Drive revenue, grow on your terms and fuel brand awareness.

Data-Driven Insights

Understand your audience better with insights into their preferences and buying behaviors.

Maximize your ROI

Avoid hefty traditional marketing costs and connect directly with your target audience.

How it works


Begin with a free strategy session to align with your vision


Get paired with a sommelier to design and plan your brand's story


After our consultation, we'll proceed with crafting, editing, finalizing your content and ready to launch in just a few weeks


That's all! You're set to take your brand to the next level. Host with the Winecork App and watch your brand's growth.

Supporting the next generation of winemakers

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Willamette Valley, Oregon
Onward Wines
Mendocino County, California
Zaca Mesa Winery
Santa Barbara County, California
Revelette Wines
St. Helena, California

Build your community on Winecork

For the first time, take full ownership of a distribution channel tailored for you. With Winecork, you have the power to control your story, reach new markets, and engage with your audience.

Save Thousands in Marketing

Break Free from Conglomerate Constraints

Control Your Digital Story

Outreach with Purpose

Engage the Modern Consumer

Lead in the Digital Evolution

Boost Your DTC Sales Without the Overhead

Own Every Video Content We Produce

Connecting you to renowned sommeliers and influencers

Supercharge growth with digital content you can leverage across different channels.

Use content to pitch and educate your wholesale and distribution partners
Ensure your brand is represented consistently at every point of sale
Embed content in your website, proven to increase conversions by 70%
Leverage renowned sommeliers to represent your brand and conduct tastings globally
Engage with your members using digital content and one-on-one virtual tastings, via QR codes
Leverage content across your social media platforms and marketing campaigns to maximize reach

Traditional channels can get very expensive

Hire a PR agency, marketing, social media, editors, influencers, distributor and.. a therapist.

5k+ / month

Stop overpaying

Save thousands on expensive agencies or do it yourself.  No more paying for 5+ different services.


$189 / month

Billed annually
High-quality video content tailored for you
Four Sommelier 1-on-1 tasting video
8% revenue share
Advanced analytics
Full-platform access
Featured on social media
Quarterly branding sessions
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Hosting on Winecork, post your product on our app, engage with your audience, reach new markets.

10% revenue-share

$29.99 / month
Billed annually

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Turn your unique story into revenue